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Pilates & yoga strength

Hands-on myofascial release

Healthy lifestyle change

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 You are a whole person- body, mind, intellect, spirit- with a certain amount of energy to get through the day. Whatever is slowing you down affects not just your physical body, it affects the whole. Let's start with getting the big picture and with your desired outcomes at our first visit/assessment. As we work together from a holistic* approach, you will feel empowered and learn to better care for yourself each day. 

  • Out of shape and want to feel better

  • Chronic pain - neck,back, hip, pelvis, headache
  • Balance and fall prevention
  • Osteoporosis and strengthening
  • Pregnancy aches/pains and postpartum recovery

  • Pelvic floor weakness, prolapse or leakage

  • Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome

Want to know three easy steps to a stronger core?

*holistic - being sensitive to the whole person. Having studied chronic pain (TPS, ISPI) and trauma (Somatic Experiencing, polyvagal theory), I have a deep appreciation and awareness of the connections among the systems of the body. Tough life experiences are many times held within the tissues of the body. As we work together, you may need space to reintegrate, digest/detox and/or assimilate these experiences. This is normal and healthy. It is never required, but totally respected as a possibility while we work together.