Has Your Body Slowed You Down?

Be Strong Wellness exists to help you gain energy, to feel better, and to live life again! Empowering you to have an authentic, resilient, & strong relationship with your own body.

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Too tired to make it through the day? 


That ongoing ache or new complaint got you down? 


Afraid or anxious that your body will never be the same again? 

Get Your Life Back

Whether you want to run like the wind, firm up your core, wow your friends & family, or simply keep up with the kids or grandkids, Be Strong Wellness can help you get it going again!

And (drumroll...) here is how we do it together!!

Be Strong Wellness combines the best of three different domains! In each wellness session you choose how to divide our time between these three options. * Pilates & yoga training * Myofascial release & pain relief modalities * Functional nutrition & women's health counsel

Strength & alignment training

Your strength, balance and stability start in the core and work in tandem with your breath.  Pilates training is a wonderful way to minimize back pain, improve your pelvic floor muscles, and learn to stand taller with more confidence and balance. You will rock your yoga practice!! As a seasoned Pilates therapist, Alicia will assess your needs and ensure that the movements are appropriate for you. Define and sculpt your body with a safe, therapeutic plan tailored to your needs!

Thai and medical massage, myofascial release, cupping, dry needling/microcurrent, & craniosacral

When you are in pain or just need some rejuvenation, hands on care is always available to release stress & tension and improve mobility.  Dr. Alicia will help you breathe freely again & get back to your life!

Functional nutrition & lifestyle counsel for your holistic goals

Many health care concerns can be modulated with directed, specific daily habits that change your biology and improve your health. Your time at Be Strong Wellness offers you a connected relationship with someone who knows and understands your story.  Dr. Alicia will help you advocate for your best health outcomes.  

Dr. Alicia would love to give you a plan for hope! Combining the three elements above, you will renew your energy, get fit, and jump back into life - successfully! Let's get started!


You can start right now!

Begin to firm your core with these simple steps!

What makes Be Strong Wellness different?

Empowering you for an authentic, resilient, & strong relationship with your body! Each client is valued highly and Dr. Alicia Hedges makes it her mission to be a

"Alicia really takes the time to listen to everything. She has the whole picture before treating any one part of the body. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate to people in pain."

Theresa J.
Cary, NC

"Alicia is wonderful! Each session she checks in on how things are working in the body (and sometimes the brain!) She helps me work on and fix areas that are problematic. She gives me pointers on things to work on at home, but is never pushy or annoying. I give Alicia the highest recommendations!!!"


"The individual attention was helpful. I felt thankful to be heard and reassessed each visit if my pain shifted. I thought there was a wealth of knowledge and continued learning on part of PT and a holistic approach to treatment helped broaden my knowledge and openness to healing the whole body."

Lauren A.
Raleigh, NC

"Alicia is a very kind person, and also extremely smart and knowledgeable about physical therapy and other supplemental therapies. She takes a lot of time answering questions and is very thoughtful in her responses. I really appreciate the knowledge she brings forth. Not only does she work with me with what would be considered typical physical therapy, but we also do Pilates, yoga, strength training. I feel very safe with Alicia, and I like her very much."

Tracey S.
Clayton, NC

"I am 75 years old and have had several physical therapy practitioners work on different parts of my body over the years. NEVER have I had a better experience! Alicia is the most competent, knowledgeable, and kind physical therapist I have ever worked with. She is someone who listens when I tell her where I hurt. "

Burnsville, NC

"I enjoy working with Alicia! I feel more in tune and physically in alignment after only a few sessions. She is very knowledgeable, perceptive, and kind. I am happy with my results and am looking forward to more sessions."

Asheville, NC

Monthly Package Options

These packages are a great way to save some some dough! But for single appointments, go to "schedule an appointment" above!

Bring a Friend

$135.00 each

PER MONTH / per person (after initial consultation)

Includes four 45 minute duet sessions with a friend (must be present together)

This is great for semi private training on the Pilates equipment!

Budget friendly way to meet your goals

And always have easy access to one on one care when needed!

Yes, I want to do this with a friend!

Be Well, Be Fit


PER MONTH (after initial consultation)

Includes four 45 minute private wellness sessions

Great for ongoing strength training, hands on care, and wellness coaching!

Can be done in studio or online through telehealth

Have your own personal health care advocate

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Be Well, Be Fit Hour


PER MONTH (after initial consultation)

includes four 60 minute private wellness sessions

Great for ongoing strength training, hands on care, and wellness coaching with the added benefit of additional time!

In studio or telehealth

Have an established relationship with your own personal health advocate

Yes, I am in for a full hour!

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