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Dr. Alicia

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Be Strong Wellness offers Pilates & yoga private sessions or duets (with a friend), all with individualized movements that are safe for your particular needs. Dr. Alicia can also help design a functional movement program that you can perform anywhere with minimal equipment. Get moving and nourish your body at the same time!

Hands on Care!!

Give your body the hands on care it needs to perform its best. Dr. Alicia will help you relieve stress, tension, and perform your best. Various options include myofascial release, mobilization, integrated dry needling and microcurrent. You will feel better!

Health Advocacy

As you advance through your program and from a holistic perspective, Dr. Alicia will help empower you to see how lifestyle choices can also assist you in pushing past plateaus. Become your strongest  and best self!

Have you given up on a strong, firm core?

Try these three easy steps to a strong,firm core- even before you workout!  See how efficient strengthening your core becomes!